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Update Post GCC Elections

posted 15 May 2013, 15:31 by planning users
Election Result
The Conservatives lost their majority in the 2013 GCC elections on 2nd May 2013 for the first time in 8 years. They are now running a Conservative minority administration (no coalition has been formed). 

Read the BBC's report of the election results here and see the results for all the divisions on the GCC website here.
elected councillor stances

We have analysed the results (right), cross-referencing them to with the stances we canvassed from election candidates prior to the election. This allows us to  see how many of the councillors now elected previously stated opposition to the Javelin Park incinerator proposal,  were in favour,  or had a position that couldn't be ascertained (could be for, against or neither). Interestingly this shows that  22 of 53 councillors elected opposed the incinerator, with the stances of remaining councillors not known. Additionally, there were more councillors elected who were known to oppose the incinerator than councillors with an unknown stance in Cheltenham (6 vs 4), Gloucester (6 vs 4) and Stroud (7 vs 2).

First Full Council Meeting, 15th May 2013
Mark Hawthorne is back as Leader of the Council, leading a Conservative minority administration (Cabinet is all Conservatives).  Stan Waddington is no longer waste champion...

The Lib Dems and Greens tabled a motion on the incinerator. This was amended at the meeting by the Labour Group.  Their amendments watered it down in some areas (now no mention of MBT) but strengthened it in others - there will now be a cross-party working group to develop a "Plan B" alternative to incineration, for use should the incinerator project fail.  The motion was passed unanimously with cross-party support.  However, terms of reference for this group have not yet been agreed, and it is unclear what powers or influence they will have.  

We must not forget: we are still locked into the contract and UBB might still appeal and secure planning permission...

Although the meeting was generally disappointing, it is a huge step forward  when you consider where we were a couple of  months ago.


We now have a great opportunity to take up cheaper, greener and smaller alternatives to the incinerator. With this in mind, Glosvain recently issued the following briefing document to the newly elected GCC councillors: GlosVAIN Briefing to GCC Councillors - May 2013