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Day 1 - 19th November 2013

posted 21 Nov 2013, 14:38 by planning users   [ updated 21 Nov 2013, 14:39 ]
After a lively opening attended by over 100 members of the public who filled all of the available seats and still ended up with a number of people standing at the back of the venue!
Brian Cook - the Government Inspector got the proceedings of to a solid start and during the following session battle lines were drawn with all parties presenting their opening statements.

Alan Watson who presented GlosVAIN’s case caused a round of merriment when he referred to UBB’s Richard Phillips QC whom he crossed swords with at a public enquiry 14 years ago arguing that landfill ‘is not simple waste disposal, but waste disposal with energy recovery.’ Following up Mr Phillips also quoted ‘arguably this was at the same tier as incineration.’

The afternoon session ended with Phillip Russell-Vick presenting his evidence on landscape and visual impacts on behalf of GCC and his conclusion was that the application would cause significant harm to the Cotswold Way