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Briefing - Incinerator Decision Meeting

posted 17 Mar 2013, 06:57 by planning users
Incinerator Decision

Be There to Show Their Vote Must be NO!

It's crucial that we follow through on the success of the Javelin Park demo on 14th Mar. We must now send home the message of rejection of the incinerator in favour of better alternatives to the decision makers at the Planning Committee Meeting. 

The meeting starts at 10 a.m. with tickets allocated first come first served from 8:30 by the Council for admission into the main room. However, you don't have to come from the start. Some people will come for the morning, some the afternoon, some all day. Come when you can and for as long as you can. It will all help ensure that there is as big a show of opposition as possible. We can't afford for there to be empty seats on show while the councillors deliberate and make their decision.

Here is the key information you need:

Location: Suite 1873, Gloucester Rugby Club (Kingsholm Stadium), Gloucester, GL1 3AX (MAP)
Meeting Start Time: 10a.m
Duration: Unknown, but could go on to early evening. Decision is made at the end.
Seating: There are 200 seats in the meeting room for members of the public. However there will also be an overflow room where proceedings will be shown live on a screen (
now video AND audio). Hence, anyone attending will be able to follow the meeting live.
How Do I Get There?: See the MAP. Bring a car full. The venue is walkable from Gloucester train and bus stations (shown on map). If you need help getting there, fill out your details here and we will try and help get you transport. 
Helping Others Get There:If you could give a lift to others wanting to get there please email us at with your location, number of spare seats, telephone number and how long you intend to stay for..
Can I speak at the meeting? You can request to do so, but few will get the opportunity (see guidance below)
Can I ask questions? No, but you can submit in advance (see guidance below)
Where can I find out more? Read the GCC guidance here


The DEMO on 14th March was a great success! It really showed the councillors who will make the decision on the incinerator that there is great opposition and anger concerning the plans. The blimp flying at 70 metres could not be ignored - a stark demonstration of the absurdity of planning to build such a vast industrial structure on the rural edge of the Cotswolds AONB..

First and foremost, we want to give a huge thanks to YOU for turning out in great numbers and really sending the message. We know not everyone could make it due to other commitments so we want to thank everyone who was with us in spirit also!

You can see some superb videos and photos from the demo on our website here.

What Happens if Planning Permission is Given?
You will no doubt be aware that the report that has been prepared by GCC for consideration by the decision makers on 21st Mar recommends approval of the scheme. This comes as no surprise, given the debacle over the consultants GCC brought in to complete production of the report. Although it's not certain (why we need you there!) it is quite likely that planing permission will be granted by the councillors at the meeting on Thursday.

Don't Panic though, we've prepared a graphic that shows that this wouldn't be the end of the road by a long stretch potentially. Below shows the potential outcomes. We're currently only coming up to the first orange diamond. Click to enlarge.
Potential Outcomes

Despite what the Council says there is clearly political pressure at play in making the decision on the incinerator with the ruling Conservatives pushing at all cost to get the scheme approved. 12 of the 19 committee members are Conservative. See below for details should you wish to write to Planning Committee members ahead of the meeting. Conservatives have a "C after their name."CS" means Stroud based Conservative (Stroud says NO). Please keep it pleasant. Tell them what a great responsibility it is.  Give them credit for being able to make the right decision. Briefly tell them how important it is to you that they say No.

Planning Committee members (get their contact details here)
 a.. Cllr Ron Allen C
 b.. Cllr Dennis Andrewartha
 c.. Cllr Basil Booth CS
 d.. Cllr John Cordwell
 e.. Cllr Terry Hale C
 f.. Cllr Sarah Lunnon
 g.. Cllr Graham Morgan
 h.. Cllr Christopher Pallet
 i.. Cllr Shaun Parsons C
 j.. Cllr Martin Quaile (Chair) C
 k.. Cllr Gordon Shurmer C
 l.. Cllr Vernon Smith C
 m.. Cllr Klara Sudbury
 n.. Cllr Brian Maurice Thornton C
 o.. Cllr Brian Tipper CS
 p.. Cllr Pamela Tracey C
 q.. Cllr Robert Vines C
 r.. Cllr Simon Wheeler
 s.. Cllr Mike Williams CS


Thanks for your ongoing support - See You at the Meeting!

Best wishes