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GlosVAIN November 2014 Update & AGM

posted 3 Nov 2014, 13:04 by planning users   [ updated 3 Nov 2014, 13:07 ]
Say NO in November...

November 2014 Newsletter

* Decision Due 22nd Dec

* GlosVAIN AGM 3rd Dec

GlosVAIN’s 2014 Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 3rd December at 7.30pm at Quedgeley Community Centre. Our chairperson, Sue Oppenheimer will be providing an update on the forthcoming Appeal decision. A great opportunity to get up to speed and to ask any questions you may have. All are welcome to attend.
Summary of the New GlosVAIN Evidence
  • Planning permission given by GCC to Cory Environmental Ltd at Wingmoor Farm for new waste processing facilities - less waste for the incinerator.

  • The latest report from consultants "Eunomia" reinforcing impending overcapacity of incinerators - again, no need for one in Gloucestershire.

  • A recent National Audit Office report and a related Public Accounts Committee hearing where a number of incinerator applications were brought into real question.

  • Eric Pickles' recent refusal of the Hatfield incinerator application - situation in the Green Belt was key here and comparable to the Javelin Park site's proximity to the Cotswolds AONB.
Javelin Park Decision Delayed Twice
 * Now Due 22nd Dec *

Following the completion of the Javelin Park Inquiry Hearing at the start of the year, the Inspector provided his report to the Secretary of State (SoS), Eric Pickles for a final decision. This decision was originally expected by 17 September, but has since been delayed twice. It is now expected by 22nd December 2014.

Notification of the first delay to the decision was received on 16 September with the decision date being put back to 30 November. The reason cited for the delay was the receipt of a GlosVAIN letter sent to the SoS on 1 August, which put forward new evidence. The delay allowed interested parties to comment on the new evidence. You can read a summary of this evidence on the left.

A second letter was then received from the SoS a month later on 16 October. This notified yet a further delay to the decision to 22nd December 2014 - the date we now await. This further delay allowed parties to comment on responses made by other parties, as well as to also consider the relevance to the case of the new planning policy and guidance on waste published by the Government on 16 Oct. 

GlosVAIN submitted further comment at each opportunity provided. We are pleased that the SoS deemed our further evidence significant enough to trigger these delays. We also see the new waste policy and guidance as potentially bringing some additional benefit to our cause.

The documents and letters referred to above, and others published since the end of the Inquiry in February 2014, are available to view on the Publications page of the GlosVAIN website.
Javelin Park decision delayed to 22nd December.
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