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Now or Never - Time To ACT!

posted 9 Mar 2013, 01:13 by planning users

Now or Never...
Time To Act!

Dear Supporter

We may be just over two weeks away from approval being given for the huge waste incinerator in the Gloucestershire countryside for 25 years.

We are calling on everyone to now take part in some essential actions that could have a real impact on the outcome.

You have two opportunities to make a real difference by showing the level of opposition to the Planning Committee councillors. These councillors come from all over Gloucestershire and will not necessarily all be aware of the strength of feeling against the proposals. It's vital that they understand this whilst they deliberate and make their decision.

1 ) The Javelin Park DEMO, 14 Mar, 11am - this is timed for when the councillors will be visiting the Javelin Park site. We need a huge display of opposition at the DEMO. A poor turn out by us will give the impression of there being little opposition.

ACTION: Please come to the demo. It should only last about an hour: an hour on one day to help make a difference for 25 years. If unable to get the day off work, take an early lunch and give your support.

2) Planning Committee Meeting, 21 Mar - this starts at 10 am. Again, it is vital to fill the room because empty seats could show lack of opposition to the incinerator.

ACTION: Please come to the planning meeting for as much or little time as you can spare.

Please read on below for further important details about the DEMO and the Planning Meeting.


Start Time: 11a.m.
Where: Javelin Park- Meet at Blooms Garden Centre, Jnct 12 M5 (MAP)

What to Bring: 1) a Banner (see below for some ideas) 2) Anything with a visual impact e.g. gas mask, costume, prop
What to Do: Go with the crowds chants and songs, have fun. Please be orderly and polite.

Before You Come Please: 

  • Get 5-10 friends/neighbours to come also.
  • Email your email networks.
  • Put up this poster
  • Write a letter to the paper about the Demo

Be creative, make a banner. If you're stuck for ideas, here are a few slogans. 

GCC – do your sums
Check Your Figures
Better Alternatives
MBT Much Cheaper
AD Not Hades
Recycle - Don't Burn
25 Years of Madness
NO to Toxic Waste
Don't PoisonUS
Hell on Earth
George Osbourne said NO!
Mr. Pickles Likes MBT!
Neil Carmichael Objects
4000 People Say NO
Stroud DC Says No
Cheltenham BC Says No
You Vote - So Do We..
YES 21st Mar = NO 2nd May!
Household waste + incineration = toxic waste
Incineration + not enough waste = money to burn
Money To Burn
Incineration turns safe waste toxic
Javelin Park : The money burner

NB. There are also some existing posters downloadable from here

Planning Committee Meeting

Location: Suite 1873, Gloucester Rugby Club (Kingsholm Stadium), Gloucester, GL1 3AX (MAP).
Meeting Start Time: 10a.m
Duration: Unknown, but could go on to early evening. Decision is made at the end.
Seating: There are 200 seats in the meeting room for members of the public. There will be an overflow room with video but no audio!
When Shall I Come?: Public access is from 8:30a.m. and tickets will be issued "first come, first served". However, you don't have to come from the start. Some people will come for the morning, some the afternoon, some all day. Come when you can and for as long as you can. It all helps. 
How Do I Get There?: See the MAP. Bring a car full. The venue is walkable from Gloucester train and bus stations (shown on map). If you need help getting there, fill out your details here and we will try and help get you transport. 
Is GlosVAIN providing coaches? There isn't enough demand at present. If you've said you wish to come by coach we will contact you to confirm whether you can come by bus/train or whether we can help get you a lift there.
Can I speak at the meeting? You can request to do so, but few will get the opportunity (see guidance below)
Can I ask questions? No, but you can submit in advance  (see guidance below)

For further details, read the GCC guidance here