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Day 6 - 27 November 2013

posted 27 Nov 2013, 23:07 by planning users
The day started with GCC planning consultant Robert Gillespie being re-examined by MR Elvin QC for GCC and the session reinforced the statements made yesterday regarding the sheer size and mass of the building and its perceived impact on the local landscape.

It is worth remembering here that GCC are still pushing for a 70m chimney only with a reduced size building of around 40m and not 48m as per the original application which was thrown out 18 votes to 0 in March this year.

Next up was Christine Marsh who was a landscape witness for SDC. She started off by explaining how she evaluated and arrived at her evidence in interesting detail.

The contest was started between UBB’s Mr Richard Phillips QC and Christine Marsh and much too the delight of all those opposing UBB she stood up to him – it was like two boxers exchanging blows only Mr Phillips QC was coming off second best. He found Christine a much tougher case than the obliging GCC witnesses whom he had previously encountered.

As the day wore on Mr Phillips QC was left puffing in annoyance and showing he clearly doesn’t like it when he is not in control but Christine Marsh remained stoic in her portrayal of the SDC case and she ended the day being congratulated by all the GlosVAIN team for making their day.

She was the first to say that a 70m chimney and a 48m building have to be viewed as one and unlike the GCC case stated that you cannot reduce the impact by lowering the building and leaving the chimney towering above. She also told the Inspector that Javelin Park was an unlikely site for such a large scale building!