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Day 7 - 28th November 2013

posted 10 Dec 2013, 23:56 by planning users   [ updated 12 Dec 2013, 14:03 ]
Dr Coggins started the day off in the witness box for Stroud District Council and after explaining the problems of climate change and reviewing various technologies reached his conclusion that MBT providing RDF was the most efficient solution which would also fit into a building of below 15.7m.

However UBB’s QC was quick to expose Dr Coggins lack of experience (it is his first enquiry) and the question period that followed could be likened to a stool pigeon shoot with Dr Coggins cast as the pigeon!

Mark Christensen was next to face the formidable Richard Phillips QC for UBB and he too was expertly undermined by UBB’s advocate. The day was reminding me of the England batting collapse down under!

It must be noted however that Mark Christensen’s evidence was presented with a wealth of sound information and this of course will be read by the Inspector.

Last in for the day was David Jones who was presenting a case for the adverse effects that the Incinerator would have on the big new housing development at Hunts Grove however close of play left Mr Jones waiting until the 10th Dec before he could continue