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Day 8 - 10th December 2013

posted 10 Dec 2013, 23:57 by planning users   [ updated 12 Dec 2013, 14:01 ]
Mr David Jones opened on the witness stand for Stroud DC and after a brief exchange with Richard Phillips QC for UBB there began a long forensic examination of Mr Jones evidence.

The session stretched well into the afternoon with Mr Jones holding his ground and refusing to be intimidated by UBB’s QC who was becoming exasperated at his failure to break through the guard of Mr Jones who remained adamant that the Incinerator would affect the overall sales values of the new Hunts Grove development due to a perceived health fear factor living in the shadow of such a beast.

Barry Wyatt was next to take the stand for Stroud DC and spent some while giving a good summary of his evidence. However faced with UBB’s Richard Phillips QC it was not long before Mr Wyatt was having to concede points and he did well to fight back and retain as much of his ground as he did.

The main thread of his evidence was that the building was too big for the site and that the mass of the building was totally out of character for the sensitive position in the Severn Vale at Javelin Park.

The day was brought to an end with Mr Wyatt due to start again in the morning.