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"Laughable position" of GCC in its "defense" of incinerator rejection

posted 20 Nov 2013, 13:26 by planning users
Further to our article last week, the Stroud News and Journal article today (20/11/13), highlights the serious doubts about GCC's "defense" at the Inquiry, now being 
further corroborated at the Inquiry itself.

Just 2 days into the Inquiry, the Inspector has issued a note expressing his ‘continuing uncertainty about the county’s case’ and suggested there was little point in setting aside time for UBB’s barrister to cross-examine GCC’s witness if there was consensus between the two of them.

The Inspector, Mr Cook also noted that GCC’s representative at the inquiry, 'endorses the technology choice' i.e. supports incineration 'and the single site solution promoted by UBB’, and went on to observe that his only objection is that ‘the building is unnecessarily tall’.

GCC has essentially U-turned on its pledge to oppose the scheme. We're paying for this farce to play out: GCC vs UBB essentially on the same side. Do we really have to pay for this 'privilege', whilst struggling to self-fund our own rather more credible defense alongside Stroud District Council and Friends of the Earth?

People need to get angry and councillors in Gloucestershire needs to be asking some serious questions at County Council..!!