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Bad News - Incinerator Approved

posted 7 Jan 2015, 23:26 by planning users
Eric Pickles has approved the Javelin Park Incinerator as at 6th Jan 2015.
This is awful news and disastrous result for Gloucestershire.
Pickles upheld UBB's Appeal and granted planning permission, despite overwhelming objection to the scheme, including the unanimous rejection by the County Council's Planning Committee.
So we're reviewing the 300 page decision document for potential grounds for Judicial Review (JR) at present i.e. issues with how the decision has been made. Not yet certain whether a realistic option. We have 6 weeks in which to apply for a JR. Not to be done lightly - very onerous and very costly...
Alternatively, will GCC just walk away from the proposal, given they rejected it originally? Would be great, but they can't, because in an act of utter folly the council signed the contract with UBB in Sep '12, way before they even knew whether planning permission would be granted. With approval now given, and GCC bound by contract, termination would be very costly...Doesn't stop people calling on the council to terminate the contract however...
It is truly bad news. It is possible to fight on, and we may do so. However, it does get harder and harder..

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