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Incinerator Plan B Report Published - Findings welcomed

posted 8 Dec 2014, 14:54 by planning users   [ updated 12 Dec 2014, 13:16 ]

In May 2013 the county council formed a Residual Waste Working Group (RWWG) with the purpose of making recommendations for a fall-back strategy to deal with Gloucestershire’s waste in the event that the UBB's incinerator proposal could not be delivered. All political parties were represented amongst the group's members.

At the end of November, the RWWG published its report and recommendation. Here it is, it is very clear and very welcome:

"The Group recommends that..In the event that the UBB contract fails, the Council should further explore both Option 2 phase 1 (providing local MT/MBT to manufacture SRF) and Option 3 (securing short term merchant capacity) through soft market testing."

In other words, pursue MBT and/or use the capacity available via facilities elsewhere to deal with the waste - what GlosVain has been saying all along.. Pursuing an alternative incinerator project WAS NOT recommended. 

You can read the report for yourself on the GCC website here:

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