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DID IT! Planning Permission refused by vote of 18 to 0!

posted 23 Mar 2013, 12:14 by planning users   [ updated 22 Apr 2013, 14:20 ]
We Won!

Planning permission REFUSED unanimously by 18 to 0 votes at meeting 21st March 2013

This battle is over, the war may not be.. We'll see in due course whether UBB will appeal.

Planning permission was refused unanimously by 18 votes to 0 in a gripping 11 hour planning meeting on Thursday. An absolutely incredible result!!!! We're absolutely jubilant. An amazing atmosphere in the room once the result was announced and our Facebook and Twitter feeds were buzzing like crazy. Thanks for all the brilliant congratulatory messages!

The battle is won....decisively....but we don't know quite yet whether the war is over though... UBB look likely to appeal, which means there would probably be a hearing or inquiry. However, whatever happens it will take some time. One thing is sure we will continue to fight it all the way and will do everything to prevent overturning of an overwhelmingly clear democratic rejection of this massively flawed project!

 Anyhow, many Glosvainers are having a brief break, so rather than give you an account of proceedings from Thursday night, we'll keep it brief and recommend instead that you take a look at the plentiful videos and articles around the press that give good accounts. By way of a couple of recommendations take a look at:

That's all for now. Thanks everyone - what a result!

Reaction from GlosVAIN Chair, Sue Oppenheimer on the day