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GCC Elections 2013


 Gloucestershire County Council Elections, 2nd May

Candidate Positions on the Incinerator
We asked candidates their stance on the incinerator before the election on 2nd May 2013. The responses we received can be seen here.

Party Manifestos
The Election Manifestos of the Main Parties are outlined in the table below. Click on the Party name to see the full manifesto.

Party Manifesto

Incinerator Stance



Incinerator not mentioned


Green Party


"We will work with District, City & Borough Councils and business to reduce waste arisings and ensure a 70% recycling rate by 2020, using best available technology for the environment. We opposed the Tory mass burn incinerator as inappropriate for the site and the wrong technology."



"Labour would review the decision on the Javelin Park Incinerator. Labour will use all legal means to overturn the decision to build this uneconomic wasteful monstrosity on a key development site. Volumes of waste are dropping because of increased recycling which Labour would continue to support. Labour would find green solutions to to dispose of waste and a single solution to collecting recycling across the county."

Liberal Democrats


"We have strongly opposed the building of a £500m waste incinerator at Javelin Park on environmental and economic grounds. We will seek to use more environmentally friendly technology to dispose of the residual household waste. Working with the district collection authorities Liberal Democrats aim to increase recycling rates to 70%."


Manifesto not Gloucestershire specific - Incinerator not mentioned


GlosVAIN Leaflet circulated prior to elections

Download a pdf version here: Front / Rear