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Day 13 - 15th January 2014

posted 15 Jan 2014, 15:46 by planning users   [ updated 17 Jan 2014, 15:19 ]
The day started with Jeremy Smith from the UBB team taking the witness stand and being led by Richard Phillips QC. He went on to do his best to discredit the landscape witnesses from GCC and Stroud DC.

It proved to be a dangerous ploy, since as soon as cross examination started it was obvious that Mr Elvin QC for GCC was irritated and he wasted no time in exposing Jeremy Smiths limitations – too prescriptive and short on judgement in parts, too quick to dismiss others, and in a number of areas it appeared Mr Smith omitted evidence which could be regarded as unhelpful for his case.

A great deal of time was also spent on many of us trying to understand the definition of visual receptors, as I for one struggled to get to grips with exactly what Jeremy Smith was trying to get across.

Some time was then spent on asking why a certain lorry had been added in some photomontages but omitted in others and why there were colour variations on some of the other images.

What seemed an incredibly long day actually ended at 5pm and when the Inspector called time the sigh of relief was audible!

Roll on tomorrow.