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Day 3 - 21st November 2013

posted 21 Nov 2013, 14:42 by planning users   [ updated 21 Nov 2013, 14:43 ]
The third day opened with an exchange between GlosVAIN and the Inspector over a point of order after Alan Watson thought that GlosVAIN were being penalised over cross examination of the GCC witness. This was quickly resolved and the Inspector then asked GCC if they would confirm that if the building was lowered would they still oppose the application because it seemed that that is all their witness’s were requiring.

Richard Phillips then got stuck into a robust question session with the GCC witness Philip Russell-Vick. Reference was made to the new motorway services development at Ongar’s Farm and how well it blended into its surrounds, and then focused back on Javelin Park. Rather strangely when asked about the steam plume from the stack Mr Russell-Vick stated that it was intransigent and declined to discuss the matter further when it would have been an ideal opportunity to highlight the fact that the steam plume could reach 262m which is nearly 4 times the height of the stack.

When pressed further on the height of the stack Mr Russell-Vick conceded that 70m was the minimum height and that if the rest of the building was lowered it would be acceptable. It gets harder to understand just how GCC can maintain a ‘robust’ defence if witness after witness accept that incineration is fine but it’s just the height of the main building that needs to be lowered.

Alan Watson from GlosVAIN asked if Mr Russell-Vick had researched any details on the plume and its visual effects and from the answers received it was clear that he had not as he did not have any idea on how long the plume could be.

The day ended with Mr Russell-Vick finishing his all day session in the witness box.