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UPDATED - Petition Returns - Important Info

posted 28 Jan 2015, 13:13 by planning users   [ updated 30 Jan 2015, 09:05 ]


- Important Info -

UPDATE Fri 30th Jan

REVISED DEADLINE for Paper Petition Sheets - Monday 2nd Feb

You now have until Monday to get paper petition sheets back to us. This gives the weekend to get as many more as possible.

The sheets need to be with GlosVAIN on Monday at the latest, either received through the post or scanned in and sent via email, as per the guidance below,.

Please get in touch urgently if returning by post in time, or scanning, is not possible for you. We will arrange for sheets to be collected or to be dropped off with us. Contact us at to arrange.

It's going to be a close run thing as to whether we get the 5,000. Please  - A BIG LAST PUSH from everyone now!

Can you help collect signatures on a stall or distribute leaflets this weekend?

Please get in touch urgently if you have some time to help on a stall this weekend gathering signatures with us, or are able to distribute leaflets. Email us at or call 01452 810979.


There's still time to gather signatures on paper petition sheets from your street, work, school etc. Download & Print here then scan and email back to

Every additional signature counts... We really need to get over 5,000 (there will be some discounted inevitably) by end of this weekend.
ALSO Keep sharing, liking and tagging your friends in our posts containing the online version of the petition: 
Paper petitions sheets
You have 2 choices for how to return your paper petition sheets to us:-

1) Send them in the post to this address: GlosVAIN, Homeward, Oxlynch Lane, Standish, GL10 3DE

2) Scan in your sheets and email them back to us at (please ensure the scanned images are legible). We've just found out that they are acceptable this way. We hope this makes it even easier for some people to get them back to us.


To remind you, we'd like your paper sheets back by Monday 2nd Jan (revised deadline)  the weekend (31 Jan). 

Please really try to do this! We need to count up and assess the possibility of presenting the petition at the 18th Feb council meeting, which would mean getting the petitions to GCC by Tue 3rd Feb.


This Friday...
The Green Party are running a discussion about what we should do with our waste, in Stonehouse this Friday. Details are below.