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Day 18 - January 23rd 2014

posted 26 Jan 2014, 09:22 by planning users   [ updated 26 Jan 2014, 09:22 ]

Mr. Aumonier opened still in the witness stand being cross examined by GlosVAIN’s Alan Watson. He was still being obstructive and every time his calculations were called to account dismissed any query be saying that they were simply examples and could not be compared.

After a re-examination by Mr Phillips QC for UBB he left the stand. One thing I ask myself is because much of his evidence was based on confidential information which was not in the public domain, and so could not be challenged, is just how much weight the Inspector can put on it, if any?

The next and thankfully last witness to take to the stand was Mr Nicolas Roberts of UBB who has often been referred to as the ‘Ringmaster’ of the UBB show.

He was guided through his ‘evidence in chief’ by the untiring Mr Phillips QC and then GCC’s Mr Elvin QC moved in to question him about the public consultations. Mr. Roberts was questioned about the fact that there were months of meetings with the local residents, and public at large, and local councils, and two public exhibitions to ask for feedback received.

When asked what changes were made to the design or any process as a result of the comments from these consultations Mr. Roberts admitted that he could thing of NONE. So it was all just a tick-box process to say that the public had been consulted but in fact they had no input whatsoever since UBB had already had the details cast in concrete and were never going to have taken any notice of what we had to say!