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Inquiry 10th-12th Dec - Your Support of GlosVAIN Needed

posted 7 Dec 2013, 00:29 by planning users
We need your support!
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Your Support  Needed at the Inquiry
10th-12th Dec

Support Needed Next Week
Your support is needed again at the Javelin Park incinerator Inquiry at the Hallmark Hotel, Matson, Gloucester on 10th, 11th and 12th December.

Glosvain is giving evidence to the Inquiry next week. Please help to support the campaign by attending. Glosvain have three witnesses at the Inquiry: our Advocate Alan Watson, Glosvain Chair Sue Oppenheimer and Standish Resident Juliet Bailey.
The Glosvain team is expected to begin giving their evidence either on Tuesday afternoon 10th December or first thing Wednesday 11th December (we are following on from Barry Wyatt of Stroud District Council and it depends how long he takes).   We will be starting with Sue Oppenheimer, followed by Juliet Bailey and then Alan Watson, who will start his evidence on the Wednesday through to Thursday 12th December.
It is important to show as much support to the campaign as possible and provide moral support to the witnesses, so if you can attend the Inquiry, for all or any part of these days, it would be very much appreciated. The sessions run from 9.30am − 5.30pm. You can walk into the Inquiry at any time during the proceedings, the public seating block is immediately in front of the room entrance doors.
We hope that you can come.

Public Sessions at the Inquiry
There will also be a session(s) specifically for members of the public to speak. This will be on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday 14th Janand possibly also Wednesday morning the 15th Jan 2014. The Inspector has issued a Guidance Note about this. We will also provide further information when available in due course.

Best Wishes and Seasons Greetings


P.S. You can find more information about the Inquiry on our website Inquiry Pages, including our Inquiry Diary.