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Day 22 - 29th January 2014

posted 31 Jan 2014, 14:43 by planning users   [ updated 31 Jan 2014, 14:44 ]
The morning was taken up with Mr. Elvin QC for GCC giving his closing statement and he raised a laugh when he quoted the UBB case for applying for a building supposed to be a landmark as being ‘ does my EFW look big in this setting’.

At lunchtime the Inspector referred to the enquiry as being like the Gold Cup – 22 days being the 22 fences of the course with only the finishing straight left but that is a long uphill struggle!

With the afternoon session from Mr. Phillips QC for UBB we all knew what he meant – 5 hours later he finally crossed the finish line – last!! (Perhaps that’s a good omen.)

Well it’s over and gone are the Stroud DC, gone are GlosVAIN, and GFOE, gone are the GCC and yes gone are UBB.

No more Nick Roberts, gone is Jeremy Smith and Stephen Othen, gone is Simon Aumonier and gone are Mr. Westmorland Smith QC and Mr. Richard Phillips QC.

It’s that time of day now for the circus to pack its bags and leave town.

I shall wake up tomorrow and think to myself – ‘where are the clowns?’.