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Brief Year End Reflections

posted 19 Dec 2012, 16:17 by planning users

"Old King Waste Less"

Most of you will have heard about our musical Xmas video message that we sent to the County Council earlier this week - "Old King Waste Less" (view it on our homepage). We've had nearly 300 hits on YouTube so far and lots of further viewers via Facebook. You may like to read the article the Gloucestershire Echo ran on it here.  Perhaps a rousing chorus of Old King Waste Less might be heard emanting from the Blooms Garden Centre stall this weekend to delight/bemuse shoppers...who knows!? 

Year End Reflection

The last few months of 2012 have been extremely active for the campaign, particularly with the launch of "The Towering Incinerator" film  and our November "Incinerator Awareness Month". These have been very successful at increasing awareness, with the level of opposition now at much higher levels, and new people coming forward to help out. 

In the background, a number of GlosVAIN members have also been working very hard compiling further planning objection documents (Part 4 onwards). These are viewable on our website here.

Come the New Year we will be on a rapid countdown to a probable planning committee meeting in February where the Council will make their decision on the planning application. This is what everything has been leading up to...Depending on the decision made, granting or refusal of permission, we anticipate that it will then be a question of whether or not the Secretary of State chooses to "call in" the application (if granted) or UBB appeal against the decision (if refused). 

We will be organising events in the run up to the planning meeting. Most crucially, we will be asking everyone who possibly can to come and attend the planning meeting itself. We will need to get big numbers of people there in order to put the greatest amount of pressure on the decision makers to refuse permission. More to come on this in the New Year but, for now..... 

 ...GlosVAIN would simply like to wish you a happy Christmas, to thank you for your support in 2012, and to wish you a happy 2013! 

Regards GlosVAIN