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Update - Scrap the Contract

posted 23 Jan 2015, 13:39 by planning users   [ updated 23 Jan 2015, 13:41 ]

Keep those signatures coming!

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Vital Petition Statistics

Launched 17 Jan

As at  23 Jan....
* 2,000 signed online
* 700 received on paper

Grand Total   2,700
Still Needed  2,300


Giving out our leaflets and putting them through letter boxes will help get more petition signatures. if you'd like a batch of leaflets please email us. We have an order coming from the printers on Mon 26th Jan.


We are continuing to take advice on the possiblity of calling for a Judicial Review. If we do, we will need to request donations to help fund it as we estimate it would cost around £40,000 - £50,000.

We'll request donations and start a big fundraising drive if this is confirmed. In the meantime, if you'd like to donate in any case, to support the costs of the campaign, you can do so via Paypal here.

Next Demo

The date of the next demo is still to be confirmed. It will be timed to coincide with the council meeting where the incinerator contract is debated. Watch this space! It will be at Shire Hall in Gloucester City Centre.

Cartoons etc

If you can help us boost the campaign with your skills in producing cartoons or other artwork / visuals / videos etc send us your work/ideas or get in touch to discuss, We'd love to hear from you.

Petition Update


Over Half Way!
But Need a Big Push to get the Rest

We've had circa. 2,700 signatures on the Scrap the Contract Petition in under a week. This takes us over half way to our target of 5,000, in order to trigger a county council meeting debate. This is brilliant! Thanks to all who have signed and are helping gather signatures and spreading the word.

But...we need MORE MORE MORE!! We mustn't sit back or underestimate the work still needed to get to the target. It gets harder from here - the sign up rate to the online petition is slowing down a lot. Please read the briefing below.

Paper Petition Sheets

We hope everyone who took blank petition sheets away from the Stroud DEMO or has downloadedcopies from the website is doing well getting them filled out with signatures!

Please get them filled up and sent back to us as soon as possible. We'd like these back to us by Fri 30th Jan. So please get busy if you've still got signatures to get - this weekend and next week!

Please post petitions back to us, but if you need them collected, or to arrange drop off, do get in touch

Volunteers for gathering signatures on stalls

Please contact us if you would be willing to help at a stall collecting petition signatures with others. For example in Stroud, Gloucester, Blooms, Tescos etc. We'll help organise.

Important points for online and paper petitions

  • There is no limit to the number per household who sign.
  • Signers should be over 16
  • The online system won't let you sign if you reuse an email address given with a previous signature. So, make sure everyone in your household uses a different email address if signing online.
  • Signatures from counties bordering Gloucestershire will typically be accepted. Signature from further afield will be accepted as long as we don't have a vast number of them. So do invite friends from outside Gloucestershire to sign the ePetition.

In the Press

It's been lively in the press since the Stroud DEMO on 17 Jan.

Notably, it was claimed this week that contract cancellation would cost up to £100m. Mark Hawthorne (leader of GCC) and his fellow County Conservatives issued a press release claiming that cancelling the contract would impact services provided by the county council.

We have completely refuted this in our press release of 20th Jan. We estimate that scrapping the contract and using alternative waste facilities in Gloucestershire or in neighbouring counties could save between £232m and £364m MORE over 25 years than the incinerator is predicted to save.

So scrapping the contract would actually provide more money to put into council services! Unfortunately, once again, the champions of the incinerator at Shire Hall are misleading us.

Check out the news page on the website for more news, or Facebook or Twitter for news, updates and discussion.