Incinerator Proposal


What is proposed?

Gloucestershire County Council's (GCC) intend that a waste incinerator be built at Javelin Park, Haresfield, Gloucestershire.  This would process up to 190,000 tonnes of waste per year. It would burn both municipal waste and commercial and industrial waste.


Currently much of Gloucestershire's waste is sent to landfill. This is problematic as it is costly (due to landfill tax charges) and has an impact on the environment due to the methane that is released from landfill sites over time, contributing to Climate Change.
GCC is seeking to deal with the county's municipal waste and to avoid landfill charges as follows:
  • increase recycling
  • burn what is left over and generate some electricity in the process

Who would build it?

On 14th Dec 2011, Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) were selected as the company who would build the incinerator.


GCC wish to have entered into a contract with UBB by Summer 2012. Construction would start in 2013 and the incinerator would be operational from 2015. See our Campaign Timetable for more details.


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