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GlosVAIN October Newsletter - Javelin Park Inquiry

posted 23 Oct 2013, 13:34 by planning users

Javelin Park Incinerator Inquiry

Come to the Public Inquiry: Tue 19th Nov, 9.30am

Remember, Remember..Say NO in November!
GlosVAIN’s 2013 Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 29th October at 7.30pm at Quedgeley Community Centre. Our chairperson, Sue Oppenheimer will be providing an update on the upcoming Inquiry. A great opportunity to come and learn more about this critical phase we are entering, to ask any questions you may have and to get involved. All are welcome to attend.
Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration and for Zero Waste Alternatives

November 8th will be the 2013 Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration and for Zero Waste Alternatives, organised by Gaia, the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives. More info on the Gaia website here.
Meet at 10am on Saturday 9th November on the corner of the Shambles and the High Street in Stroud (look out for the GlosVAIN banner). We will sing songs, followed by a silent march around town - banners, placards and costumes will add to the impact

We would like as many people as possible to come and support this event to show the strength of feeling against the proposed incinerator.

We hope to organise other events that morning in Stroud too, possibly a recyclable bonfire!  But we need volunteers.  If you could help, please contact Maddy on:
How you can help
Here are the key ways in which you can help at this stage of the campaign:
  • Come to the AGM on 29th October
  • Help organize, and participate in, our day of action on Saturday November 8th.
  • Come to the Inquiry on 19th Nov and throughout
  • Email the Inquiry Case Officer with your views on the incinerator. The original deadline was 3rd September, but we have learned that you can still make submissions. See section 2 on our website’s What Can I Do? page for guidance.
  • Sign the government e-petition opposing the Javelin Park incinerator and ask all your contacts to do so
  • Offer help with leafleting – contact us at if you can assist.
Back in July we launched a fundraising appeal. The aim was to secure enough funding to allow GlosVAIN to put its case at the Inquiry with professional support.

We are delighted to say that the response has been fantastic! We have over £17k in the bank through generous donations from members of the public, and more than £16k pledged from a number of parish and town councils supportive of our cause. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone!

This is enough for us to go forward and fight UBB’s Appeal at the Inquiry. However, we could still do with more - the more money we have the more we can do - so please keep the donations rolling in.
The Public Inquiry starts on 19th Nov at 10:00, will be held at Hallmark Hotel, Matson Lane, Gloucester, GL4 6EA, and is provisionally planned to sit for 20 days, up until the end of January 2014. After the Inquiry, the Inspector will produce a report for Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State, who will make the final decision late in 2014. A published timetable document can be read here, and is also available to view on the new Inquiry pages on our website, along with other relevant documents.
The Inspector hearing the case is Brian Cook, who has prior knowledge of this project, as he was the Inspector who presided over GCC’s Waste Core Strategy “Examination in Public”. Although the Waste Core Strategy was adopted, Mr Cook did question a number of fundamental aspects of GCC’s strategy on waste, including calling into question the ease with which Javelin Park could successfully be used as a site for an incinerator…

Go and Say No – 19th Nov
The Inquiry is open to the general public and we are asking for people to attend as much of it as they can, especially the first day on 19th November at 9.30am. The Inquiry opening day is a great opportunity for opponents of the incinerator to turn out in force and reiterate their preference for cheaper, greener and safer alternatives. It is important that the Inspector sees this, as well as the Press, who will be there in greatest numbers on the first day. We have been publicising our request for attendance on 19th Nov via our poster and leaflets. We’d be grateful for your help in spreading the word. Posters are available on request or can be downloaded from our website’s Resources page.
Activity to date
We have been working hard with our advocate, Dr Alan Watson, to prepare for the Inquiry. All the so-called “Rule 6” parties (officially recognised at the Inquiry) have had to submit many documents in advance. GlosVAIN’s Statement of Case outlines the arguments we will make at the Inquiry. Our next key milestone is submission of our “Proof of Evidence” by 24th  October. This document will put the detailed evidence for our case. All our documents can be viewed here.
Working with partners
The other Rule 6 parties, all opposing UBB’s Appeal, are Stroud District Council, Friends of the Earth Gloucestershire and GCC (Planning Department). Their Statements of Case can also be found on our website here. There will also be the opportunity for organisations and Parish and Town Councils (“Interested Parties”) to speak at the Inquiry, and, finally, it has been confirmed that there will be an afternoon and evening session held, at which members of the public will be able to speak on request.

Alternative waste plans
GlosVAIN has been arguing for some time that alternative approaches to managing our waste are better, cheaper and more deliverable than Mass Burn Incineration.  Now several local companies are applying for planning permission for just such alternatives.  For instance, Cory Environmental is developing plans for an MBT plant and Anaerobic Digester at Wingmore Farm; and ART Gloucestershire is well down the road with plans for an MBHT plant at Javelin Park, next door to UBB’s proposed site.  Both these plans are for plant that is less visually intrusive (under 15m), would recycle more waste, and would be better for the environment and for health.  They are also significantly cheaper.  Whilst GlosVAIN does not support any particular proposal or company, we think these developments show that the incinerator is no longer needed.
GlosVAIN excluded
from Plan B Committee

Gloucestershire County Council has set up a "Plan B" committee to look at alternatives to incineration, should UBB’s appeal fail.  However progress has been painfully slow, meetings have been closed to the public, and GlosVAIN’s offers of help have been rebuffed.  We do not hold up much hope for any real progress from this committee, and fear that it shows that GCC’s heart remains with the incinerator project.