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Day 21 - 28th January 2014

posted 31 Jan 2014, 14:41 by planning users   [ updated 31 Jan 2014, 14:42 ]
The morning was taken up going through the conditions which would be attached to any permission should the appeal succeed. It was not the most exciting morning of the inquiry so far!

Late morning saw the first of the closing statements from Mary Newton of GFOE and she majored on the effects of pollution on the Beechwoods and the surrounding fauna.

Next up was GlosVAIN’s Alan Watson and he focused on visual impact, failure to comply with WCS14 and WCS17, lack of proven need, incorrect waste arisings, POP’s, and perception of health risks in a comprehensive presentation.

Last up for the day was Zac Simons QC for Stroud DC and went to great lengths to show that the UBB application had exceeded the maximum height of WCS Appendix 5 and therefore they had a duty to mitigate height and scale of the building to minimise the impact on the setting of the AONB.

It was a detailed and well proofed closing statement and rounded of the day leaving us all to reflect that tomorrow is day 22 and the LAST day of the public part of the inquiry.