Objection Letters

You can still stop the incinerator by objecting to planning permission at a local level and by asking the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to rule on the decision to grant planning permission.
Gloucestershire County Council have appointed themselves as the customer, the supplier and the planning approver for the incinerator. Their judgement is not impartial and they are not listening to the concerns of local people.

Object NOW!

Please fill in the simple form below. This will send standard letters in your name objecting to the planning application AND to the Secretary of State requesting a call in*
If you've already objected to the planning application DON'T WORRY and PLEASE CARRY ON as you can skip this bit and just send the important "call in request" letter to the Secretary of State.


* Further Information

The objection letter process above will do two things:
1) Email our standard planning objection letter in your name with the details you enter to Gloucestershire County Council's Planning Department. A copy will also be sent to the members of the County Council's Planning Committee.
2) Email our standard letter to Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, requesting that the planning application be "called in" and thereby take the decision out of the County Council's hands - unfotunately they cannot be trusted to make the decision objectively.

Sending your Planning Objection in a Different Way

If you prefer to send your objection by post you can download a copy of the letter here, fill in your details and send it to:

The Planning Unit
Environment & Community Directorate
Gloucestershire County Council
Shire Hall, Gloucester
Alternatively, you can put in your own objection directly on the County Council's website by going here and clicking on "Make a Public Comment".

Sending your Call In Request by Post

Copy and print out the letter text available here




Your details will only be used as described on this page and will not be shared with any other 3rd parties.