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Final Week of the Inquiry

posted 27 Jan 2014, 13:55 by planning users   [ updated 27 Jan 2014, 13:59 ]
 Dear Supporter 

This week will almost certainly be the final week of the Javelin Park incinerator Public Inquiry. 

Both sides are scheduled to make their closing statements on 28th and 29th January. Please come along to listen and give a final bit of support as the Inquiry closes. 

The Inquiry is taking place at Hallmark Hotel, Matson Lane, Robinswood Hill, Gloucester GL4 6EA. The actual venue is located in a separate building near to the hotel. More information can be found here.

It's been an arduous affair requiring much endurance. It is almost impossible to predict the outcome but we feel the odds are pretty evenly stacked. GlosVAIN has been able to make a good case and to discredit a good many of the arguments put forward by UBB. 

If you haven't been following closely you can catch up on the developments through our Inquiry Diary pages. These also include videos of some of the statements made on 14th January by MPs and members of the Public during the "Interested Parties" session. 

The final outcome will be some months away, requiring the Inspector to first write his report and submit it to Eric Pickles who will then deliberate in turn. 

We thank you for your ongoing support. We must keep up the fight and keep making as much noise as possible about this. Don't let it go quiet!

Best Wishes 


P.S. things livened up regarding the incinerator at Shire Hall last week. See the Stroud New and Journal article here.