Stroud District Council taking legal action against planning approval

Hearing Date: 25th June 2015


Where would the incinerator chimney Plume be RIGHT NOW?
Click the map above to see the latest forecast of its location
and of ground level pollution from the chimney compared to background levels

Take our Virtual Tour of Javelin park 
and be blown away by the enormity of the incinerator..
A massive structure and a monumental mistake...


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Sign online using the link above to get the contract fully disclosed.
Stop the secrecy. Demand transparency!

GCC have refused to provide details under the Freedom of Information Act. The case has now been referred to the Information Commissioners Office.

 Redaction CartoonThe key financial details in the Javelin Park incinerator contract remain secret and are preventing a) due scrutiny of the unbelievably high contract termination costs claimed by the County Conservatives b) an objective assessment of the value for money of the incinerator, particularly in the face of claims that alternatives would save hundreds of millions of pounds more c) proper democratic decision making at the County Council, as council members are not privy to these key details.