The Appeal has now ended. Decision expected from Eric Pickles in Autumn 2014

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  • Day 22 - 29th January 2014 The morning was taken up with Mr. Elvin QC for GCC giving his closing statement and he raised a laugh when he quoted the UBB case for applying for a ...
    Posted 31 Jan 2014 14:44 by GlosVAIN Campaign
  • Day 21 - 28th January 2014 The morning was taken up going through the conditions which would be attached to any permission should the appeal succeed. It was not the most exciting morning of the inquiry ...
    Posted 31 Jan 2014 14:42 by GlosVAIN Campaign
  • Day 20 - 27th January 2014 Day 20 opened with Mr Roberts still in the witness box and still being cross examined by GlosVAIN’s Alan Watson. Our birthday boy, Mr Watson, put up a gritty ...
    Posted 28 Jan 2014 13:33 by GlosVAIN Campaign
  • Day 19 - 24th January 2014 The day opened with Mr. Roberts of UBB still being cross examined by Mr Elvin QC for GCC. The questioning was at times fractious and at times akin to two ...
    Posted 26 Jan 2014 09:29 by GlosVAIN Campaign
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..and the misuse of taxpayers money doesn't end there.....

GCC will need to use up to almost half a million pounds of your taxpayers money to fund its opponent, UBB, in the appeal.  GCC signed up to this ridiculous situation by agreeing the contract with UBB before the Planning Decision!! We expect GCC will need to pay around the same again to cover it's own costs to defend the appeal... Responsible use of your money???....we think not!!

Get up in arms - your money up in smoke!! 

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  • The Inquiry is Over - Decision in the Autumn You can read a good write up by Stroud News & Journal on the Inquiry coming to an end, including quotes from the GlosVAIN Chair, Sue Oppenheimer here:http://www.stroudnewsandjournal ...
    Posted 31 Jan 2014 14:58 by GlosVAIN Campaign
  • Final Week of the Inquiry  Dear Supporter  This week will almost certainly be the final week of the Javelin Park incinerator Public Inquiry.  Both sides are scheduled to make their closing statements on 28th and ...
    Posted 27 Jan 2014 13:59 by GlosVAIN Campaign
  • New GlosVAIN Xmas Video! Plus Inquiry Practice Session   In this newsletter...   Preparing the Public Session at the Inquiry New GlosVAIN Xmas Video PRACTICE RUN FOR SPEAKERS AT THE INQUIRY   Have you put your name forward to speak at ...
    Posted 17 Dec 2013 16:56 by GlosVAIN Campaign
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Views from Vinegar Hill

Beautiful views from Vinegar Hill. 
Vinegar Hill is Open Access land, where anyone is allowed to wander, covering part of the escarpment and footslopes below Haresfield Beacon. Another location from which Javelin Park is visible.

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