Schools Campaign Launched

Post date: Mar 23, 2012 12:46:04 AM

GlosVAIN has launched a major new campaign today with schools and child health at its heart and has issued a Press Release.

The key aim of the campaign is to engage with Gloucestershire’s children, their families, and schools on the issue of dealing with waste. This is because it would be Gloucestershire’s children in particular who have to bear the many and varied

consequences if the incinerator plans come to fruition.

Our campaign comprises the following:

  • Press Release
  • Report ("Schooling in the Shadow of the Incinerator") on the proximity of schools and other educational establishments to the proposed incinerator site
  • A Letter sent to the heads of 294 Gloucestershire schools regarding the incinerator and how it impacts Gloucestershire's young generation
  • An "Eco-Poster" project launch
  • Publication of an interactive map showing the distance of each school from the incinerator site

Our report reveals that a significant number of educational establishments attended by large numbers of children are sited within close proximity. Within 5 miles of the incinerator site more than 20,447 children attend school or another setting, and almost half (49%) of Gloucestershire’s educational establishments are located within 10 miles of the proposed incinerator site.

With regard to today’s move by GlosVAIN, our chairperson, Sue Oppenheimer said,“We sincerely hope that today’s campaign launch will really make people sit up and think about what the incinerator could mean for them and their families over the coming years and decades. We are on the brink of our children becoming Gloucestershire’s young ‘incineration generation’ because they will be forced to live with the consequences of GCC’s plans and its refusal to consider more sustainable alternatives."

A wide range of consequences that could affect the younger generation relating to health, finance, the environment and economy are described in the Press Release.

The Press Release, Report, Letter and poster flyer can all be found in full on our new Publications page.

In addition our Health Impact pages have been substantially updated, including the addition of new Schools Proximity pages describing highlights from our report and access to the Schools Incinerator Proximity Map.

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