Alternative Solutions


We believe that there are better and cheaper alternatives to mass burn incineration: 

  • Maximise recycling.  Oxfordshire County Council funds (at a modest level) projects that have boosted recycling levels in some districts to nearly 70% of the waste stream – that’s over 40% more recycling than in Gloucestershire. We should improve recycling and reuse of resources.
  • Separate food collection throughout the county, treated by Anaerobic Digestion. This is a cost effective way to deal with food waste and would create renewable energy and quality fertiliser.
  • Further sorting/recycling of residual waste in an advanced MBT plant, and treating the rest in a modern and energy-efficient facility, chosen from a range of new technologies.  This would achieve zero waste to landfill.

At modern MBT facilities, rubbish bags are split open and waste is normally broken down into smaller parts before being sorted. MBT maximises the recycling potential of waste and allows "second chance" recycling.

MBT / AD plants can be built on a smaller scale, which would not drag waste in from a large surrounding area, thereby reducing waste haulage distances. They are also cheaper to build.

MBT / AD plants are normally low rise and therefore have less visual impact on the local environment.
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